For record’s sake, I’m going to be writing up recipes that I’ve found to be tasty & useful. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love making food from scratch. My palate tends toward the adventurous side, but I also don’t shy away from intensely sweet desserts, either. Everything in moderation. People still say that, right?

Dieters, you should stop reading here.

I made this frozen marshmallows dessert for an Oscars party. We were asked to bring a 2012-film-themed food dish and my friend suggested s’mores to represent “Moonrise Kingdom.” The dessert was a huge hit at the party and is definitely being filed away for any last-minute recipes. Plus, ingredients totaled under $10. The below recipe was adapted from the original here.

Prep time: 20 min
Makes: 24 servings (1 marshmallow per serving)

Ingredientsjumbo marshmallows

1 bottle of Smucker’s® Magic Shell® Chocolate Fudge Flavor Topping
1 box of crushed graham crackers
1 bag of Jumbo Marshmallows
1 set of paper cupcake holders

Note: I suggest Magic Shell, because it won’t melt again when you take it out of the freezer. Useful for dinner parties.



1. Freeze your marshmallows for 10 minutes.

2. Set up your prep area: Put graham cracker crumbs in a small ball. Separate out the paper cupcake holders. Have a small bowl with a flat bottom ready for the chocolate.

3. Follow instructions on the chocolate before using. Squeeze a small amount into the empty bowl. Grab a Jumbo marshmallow by the ends and roll carefully, making sure the sides are covered.

4. Immediately dip into the graham cracker crumbs, making sure all chocolate is covered with the crumbs. Place finished product into paper cupcake holders. Repeat.

5. When all marshmallows are complete, put them into a level container without stacking, and place into the freezer until ready to serve.

frozen smores recipeI traveled 45 minutes in the Chicago winter with these and then they were set out on the table for 3 hours. They didn’t melt!