Someone asked me this week if I plan my writing out in my blog.

To this, I took a 12-hour break after writing that first sentence.

And then, I took a 48-hour break after writing the second sentence.

I’d safely say that the answer is no, I don’t plan. Part of me is aware that consistent writing is both cathartic and a great showcase of writing that can operate as a portfolio. The other part of me insists that I need to find a hobby that doesn’t require being tethered to a computer. I still don’t know what would be best.

I used to think that I would write only about topics that I work in. Then I thought, hey, maybe I should also just have a space for me to jot down words with little judgement. Eventually, I arrived to the point where I very much did not want to manage multiple websites so here we are again, me inconsistently writing about my life and work in one place.

I’m still trying to learn about San Francisco. The culture here, the greater culture of the West coast – I am finding it more laid back, but also more “hip.” There are times when I’m strolling down the sidewalk and find myself missing the memo of everyone wearing ankle boots or toting a most perfect, handmade backpack. Yesterday, at a gastropub, I looked around the room and found the ratio of men to women at 5:1. A disturbing amount of men were white, brown-haired and wearing plaid. This visual uniformity was jarring.


In the past few weeks, I’ve been getting the craving to explore and be out in nature. Last weekend, Sean and I ventured out to Golden Gate Park. Apparently, as my mom tells me, we’ve been there a decade ago (I have no recollection). We spent a few hours walking around, chasing light. I opted for the phone only since my DSLR doesn’t do so well in landscape photography. Most of these are unedited.