Every year, I pick a word or phrase to focus on. It’s better than setting resolutions in my opinion. This year, I’m choosing “centered.” For me, this means that I want to make sure that I’m opting in to do work and hobbies that are central to who I am. I want to reinvest in myself and my worth. This goes for both physical and mental health.

Centered also means a certain type of life balance that I’ve been seeking out and working towards. I’m not sure what that means yet but I know that I will be saying no to things that feel like they would take out more than I’m willing to give.

In other, smaller goals, I have:

  • Restart my weekly professional development
  • Build up my mental health so I’m better at the end of the year than at the beginning
  • Restart working on my tiny DIY cafe
  • Continue on my weekly photo challenge (I have a new photo challenge group!)
  • Continue my twice-a-month newsletter
  • Set up some new planned sources of income
  • Continue improving my work systems

2019 seemed like a maintenance, neutral progress kind of year. And while I am not planning giant leaps of improvement in 2020, I am hoping to see some growth in my life.