It’s time for another recap post! Looking back, it felt like I had all of the intentions and excitement to take on the year and the year kicked me in the butt. However, I accomplished more than I expected, plus crossed quite a few things off my list! I had several 2018 goals in mind.

And here’s how I did this year.

Professional accomplishments:

A good chunk of my major goals were done, including saying yes to things that terrified me. The only thing that didn’t really work out for me was contributing photography & writing to a non-industry publication. This is one goal that I will be carrying into 2019.

  • Gave a talk by myself and was the keynote speaker (for 45 min!) at BGA Access in Austin
  • Spoke at Re:co on two panels
  • Improved my systems: got a bookkeeper, a new accountant, took on Dubsado as my CRM, added You Need a Budget for budgeting
  • Wrote my first op-ed, which got talked about around the world, and not always in a good way
  • Launched my photo print store
  • I found myself a peer mentor at the end of 2018
  • Celebrated 6 years of freelancing
  • Joined the SCA’s ED&I Task Force and Sprudge’s editorial board
  • Nominated for a Sprudgie in the writing category
  • Submitted a photo for a photo award

Personal achievements

A major theme of 2018 for me was focusing on myself and my personal growth and boundaries. I did not eat less chips. In fact, I think I ate more than in 2017 AND I started the @chipfluencer Instagram account.

  • Went on a writing retreat with my writing group (and am halfway through a fiction short story)
  • Started taking daily Spanish lessons on Duolingo
  • Started a weekly video of kickboxing
  • Grew basil, tiny spinach, and cherry tomatoes!
  • Voted in the primaries & midterm elections for the first time
  • Went to my first plant hobbyist meetup!
  • Had another successful Introverts game night for SCA Seattle
  • Was asked to be an influencer at a food event & I went!

The most ironic thing that stood out to me in the review (and looking at my goals) is that I wrote about how I wanted to focus on myself this year but at the end of it, am on the verge of burnout. I did refocus and turn down projects. But, I took less time off and of course, I couldn’t have predicted any of the political climate changes that 2018 took out of me.

The burnout is the reason why I’m taking these next two weeks off with very minor check-ins for my current coaching clients.

Photo of me by Josh Littlefield.