It sounds a little selfish when I write it out like that, but it’s the truth. If I can’t be my best self, then I’m not able to give much to my client.

So here are my goals, mixed in no particular business or personal order.

Improve My Systems

My current system is cobbled together by several different software, manual entry and labor, and a lot of Googling. My workload has reached a point where I am not able to get as much as I’d like to get done, because I’m in a tangle of systems. Though if you were my client reading this, you wouldn’t know this.

Improving my systems means streamlining my workflow, creating templates where I can, cutting out software if I don’t need it, and replacing it with a CRM. I’ve already hired a bookkeeper who I’ll talk to monthly, a CPA who I’ll plan with quarterly, and am setting up Dubsado as my client CRM system. All of this costs money.

For me, I ended up creating a spreadsheet with all of my admin tasks/requirements as rows and all the software as columns. I calculated out the time that I spent in each task and for every software, which tasks they would check off. To give some context, I had listed around 45 things I wanted the software to do and I researched 17 of them.

I am crossing my fingers that Dubsado will do what I want it to (I’m still setting it up).

Add New Products and Services

I’d like to expand my service offerings this year and also add some products. I’m currently researching what it would take to sell framed prints of my photography. I’d also like to figure out how to offer courses! Not everyone can afford my marketing services, but I’d still like to teach what I know in a more affordable way.

Say Yes to Things that Scare Me & No to More Things

In 2018, I aim to say yes to challenging and [good] scary projects. I am also not going to be volunteering for any new coffee-related projects. All of my current volunteering / extra time is for bettering the coffee industry. When I find more time, I’d like it to go into a different industry, whether it’s continuing with my local writers’ meetup or volunteering at an animal shelter.

Contribute Photography and Writing to a Non-Industry Publication

I’d like to beef up my writing and photography skills by expanding up my coverage! It’s scary to pitch, but I’d really like to be able to add some non-coffee industry publications into my portfolio.


  • Grow something edible! I’m on my second attempt for growing spinach from seed. In the summer, I’d like to try cherry tomatoes and strawberries.
  • Learn a new skill. Lynda is free to SF library cardholders and I’ve yet to take advantage of this.
  • Eat less chips. I eat far too many chips than is probably healthy.


What are your business and/or personal goals for this year? Do you find that what you aim for in your personal life overlaps and affects your business life?