It’s been an interesting year. I’ve found myself feeling simultaneously down in creative juice and also so pummeled with information that I’m too frozen to execute anything to completion. It’s been difficult to grant myself grace and self-care.

My 2017 goals weren’t 100% executed, but I think I did the best I could.

But here are some major career wins of the year:

  • Worked with some new copywriting and blog writing clients
  • Someone plagiarized entire paragraphs of a piece I wrote, which led to having to send a cease and desist letter. I’ve never had anyone (to my knowledge) deliberately copy & paste my writing to claim as their own.
  • Spoke on the Coffeewoman panel at Expo
  • Joined the SCA’s Membership & Communications Advisory Council
  • Celebrated 5 years of self-employment
  • Received a Re:co Symposium fellowship
  • Wrote multiple pieces, some of my favorites being imposter syndrome and the health series
  • Attended my first writing conference. From there, joined a local writers group!
  • Nominated for two Sprudgie categories
  • Interviewed for a branding piece in Barista Magazine

Here are the major personal wins:

  • Co-launched the Coffee Equity Toolkit with RJ
  • Multiple interviews on BACC & the Coffee Equity Toolkit in Sprudge & Barista Magazine
  • Invested in a new mirrorless camera (Fuji XPro2) + 2 lenses
  • Vacation in Iceland!

I didn’t get some projects going that I wanted, but I think it was a pretty decent year. The potential projects are just being brought over into 2018!