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Jenn is a San Francisco-based writer, photographer, freelancer, reformed marketer, community organizer, plant parent, dog parent

inspired by coffee, powered by chips

inspired by coffee, powered by chips

About me

I am enthralled by the way that photos and words can capture someone’s attention.

For the last decade, I’ve worked and volunteered in the specialty coffee industry, always with a goal of building a better, more inclusive community.

Next, I plan on expanding to creative captures: photographing the creative endeavors and portraits of solopreneurs and small businesses.


My personal newsletter is a creative outlet: a space for me to explore personal essays, interview coffee creatives, and write fun features that don’t fit in anywhere else. Topics are tangentially related to coffee.


EDITORIAL: journalism, interviews, reported & researched articles

ESSAYS: personal with a focus on cultural identity and food

COPYWRITING: refreshing brand voice and stories for brands

As an editor-at-large at Sprudge, I write deep-dive features that explore the culture of specialty coffee, including roadside architecture of giant coffee pots, the brief history of coffee unions, and setting boundaries in the workspace.

My photo and written essays are heavily informed by my upbringing as a child of immigrant parents– straddling two cultures and never quite fitting into either of them.

Battling the entrenched belief that productivity = self-worth, I try hard to develop my hobbies, such as finding new chip flavors to try, traveling when I can, and nurturing my container garden. All my different experiences and interests make their way into my writing.

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STYLE: dark, moody, colorful, authentic, natural light

SPECIALTIES: editorial, website stock, capturing creative moments

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