I haven’t worked with a register for about a year now. And the one I worked with was at my local Wag n’ Wash, a self-service dog wash and organic/gourmet pet supply store. I baked dog biscuits all day. Human grade dog biscuits. Which meant that the fruit muffins I made were suitable for humans (only good when they’re halfway through to hardening).

Anyway. The register. This thing has a touch screen, an admirably sensitive touch screen with all the drink and cookie and bread orders you can think of. There are also two drawers so two people can man the register and still be held accountable for the amount in their drawer.

So here are the facts:

1) We wear black aprons with long tie strings. I tie in the front.
2) I usually have the bottom drawer.
3) I push the drawer close with my hip.

From these facts, you can most likely discern what happened. I was tied to the register by my apron.

Three times.

Happy first day to me.