In less than two weeks, I will be ending my stint as a barista and returning to “coffee enthusiast” status. Many events have occurred to bring about this difficult decision, but nothing more so as to my realization of how much my interest in coffee has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE coffee, but I loved it more when I was outside the retail world. The day-to-day operation of a shop may just not be for me at the moment. Perhaps in ten years, if I’m settled down, I’ll say differently. During my nine months, I gradually stopped visiting shops, reading up on coffee material, and altogether lost interest in coffee. In truth, the thing I’ll miss the most is having the Synesso at my fingertips.

One day, I’ll make enough money to build up my coffee toy arsenal and buy myself an awesome machine with a direct water line hookup.

I will continue to update this blog as my coffee adventures and questions change. But from here on out, the posts will be from the perspective of a coffee nerd who is no longer in coffee.