In this (unknown number)-part series, I bring to you coffee & Twitter. Twitter is my favorite social media network, mainly for its quick info bites and the ability to access almost anyone you want. However, you could be making some mistakes that annoy the heck out of people.

I posed this question to my followers, asking them what bothered them about coffee brands. I’m keeping this specific to coffee brands, mainly because that’s the industry I’m in. Obviously, you can always extrapolate this to any brand.

What are your pet peeves?

Let’s do this in gifs, Buzzfeed style.

1) When you go on a retweet binge.


2) Saving all your tweets for the same 5 min and then ignoring Twitter for a week.

3) Tweeting the same thing every day or every other day with the same message. We get it. You drink your own coffee at your own cafe.

4) Talk about religion. Save it for the personal accounts, please.


5) Follow baiting. Automatic favoriting hurts bunnies.

6) Posting morning specials after people arrive at work or not mentioning hours for a pop-up location.

7) Generalizing one side of an argument and knowing people will defend you, because you’re popular. You don’t get a free pass on being a decent human being, just because you’ve gotten famous. Grow a pair and start defending your position.


8) Tweeting out self-promotion/ marketing material and not interacting. At all.

tumblr_lgk968ETPZ1qgljqvo1_5009) Ignoring questions from customers. This is one of the biggest customer service fails.

And that wraps up this post of a few coffee & Twitter posts. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Next up, how coffee brands can better approach Twitter. Back to basics!