2016 is surely the year of saying yes to all the things that terrify me (terrify in a good way). When you’re off working for yourself, you don’t have an employer to say, “Hey, here’s a logical next step in your career.” Freelancing is a series of successes and failures. It’s a lot of experimenting on what you think is interesting to you and finding out what you’re not so into.

I said yes twice recently to something that terrifies me: public speaking.


Sprudge is visiting the Bay Area for two days and live recording their podcast. I’m on the guest list on August 17 at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. I’ve been told to prepare for 15 minutes of fame. And for this Type A personality, saying yes to answering unknown questions for 15 minutes is especially terrifying.



Tamper Tantrum is hosting their first US appearance in New York City next month. I’ve been invited to speak for 20 minutes on whatever I want. I’ve chosen to speak about power dynamics & how they play out in the coffee industry. I’m also very interested in hearing how power dynamics may have affected your coffee career. Here’s more info on the talk and how you can share your [anonymous] story.