Do you know someone who works in digital marketing or social media or e-commerce? Or maybe they’re a freelancer, WFH worker, or all-around creative person. OR, you manage someone who’s in one of these roles. I’ve assembled a list of gifts that would likely be welcomed.

  • Undisturbed vacation time: You would think that this would be standard but if you manage any social media accounts, you can sometimes be “on vacation” but still be checking messages to make sure everything is running smoothly. Give the gift of vacation time as if they were going to travel to a remote, cell-free area.
  • Anything plant-related. You can gift a plant from a local store or send one. My recs for basic houseplants include a lemon-lime or heartleaf philodendron, pothos, Hoya (there are many), snake, and staghorn fern. If they’re already a plant parent, anything from Hemleva, a decorative planter, or a propagation stand would be lovely.
  • Fun, encouraging sign. I have this small one next to my bathroom mirror and it makes me smile every time I see it.
  • Fuzzy blanket, especially if they work in a colder office.
  • Writing gloves. These are great if they use a mouse (they worked on a phone for me but not the trackpad).
  • Anything self-care-related. Like a hand serum or mani-pedi set (referral link for 20% off any Olive & June system), fuzzy socks/slippers (I have these), or shower/bath bombs.
  • Food. Food delivery gift cards, favorite restaurant gift card, meal kit prep gift card, you get the idea.
  • Apple or Android app store gift cards. I’m positive there is at least one app that they want to pay for.

Lastly, I hope all of the customers that they interact with during the holiday season are kind and understanding. And that messages that require immediate attention are only received during the workday.