Because I’m not actively seeking clients right now, I have a little free time to spare and give back. If you’re a coffee business or organization that has been or will be affected by COVID-19 and you’d like to bounce potential marketing ideas off of me, I am offering free 15-min brainstorming sessions.

For all of my services, I offer a 20-min consult call but that tends to be more of making sure we’re both good fits for each other than an idea generation time. This brainstorming session, on the other hand, will take you directly from filling out the form to booking a virtual Zoom call with me.

Some highlights:

  • Direct booking on my schedule
  • Some extended hours to accommodate different time zones
  • Recorded & the recording will be emailed to you

What can we cover?

Basically anything I normally do for coaching clients is fair game as long as you think you can fit it into 15 min.

Any or multiple (max of 3 topics) of the below:

  • Different ways to maintain relevancy with customers
  • Options for marketing while still being respectful
  • Looking over any current copy you are working to release internally or externally
  • Retooling your communication or crisis plan
  • New content
  • Content planning
  • Changing processes or optimizing workflows
  • Anything else you can think of that is related to digital marketing and copywriting

Again, to book with me, you just need to fill out the form and sign up for a time slot.