Photography for Bay Area small & intimate events

I’m the event photographer for you if:

  • The event venue is well-lit (no dark bars or restaurants)

  • There is no stage lighting. Panels and talks are totally fine! But when you get to the kind that has the audience in the dark and the stage lit up, you’ll want to book someone else.

  • You value the candid shots, such as the attendees mingling and having fun

  • You vibe with my photography style

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I find smaller, intimate events to be my jam

Depending on your photography shot list needs, I can handle up to 50 attendees at an event. If it’s a flexible shot list, where you want to capture people interacting more than a set of group photos, then up to 100 is possible.

Events Portfolio

Some events that I’ve shot:

  • Latte art throwdowns
  • Panels that also had food vendors or table vendors
  • Food and similar tasting showcases
  • Trade show booths and floors
  • Influencer activations
  • Board game nights (hosted by me, too!)
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I’m also down to shoot:

  • Company off-sites
  • Yoga or meditation retreats
  • Bootcamps
  • Dog or fur baby birthday parties
  • Human birthday parties

And more! Please fill out the inquiry form if you think I’m a good fit.

As a community organizer & coffee professional, I’ve organized and attended many events, including trade shows.

I know the work that goes into making sure everything runs smoothly. As your event photographer, my job is to take some worry off your hands so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Event photography timeline

The timeline for event photography is a pretty straightforward one!

1. Fill out the photo inquiry form and enter the event date

Be sure to also include some details like where it is, what the event is, and what you’re looking for in photos.

2. Proposal, contract, reservation fee

Fill out the proposal with the event’s details, sign the contract, and pay 50% of the invoice to secure the booking.

3. Branding & shot list form

At least three weeks prior to the event, fill out the shot list form so I know what photos to take at the event. For more complicated events, we may have a call to discuss it.

4. Event date!

I arrive and take the photos we agreed on in the shot list. You relax and enjoy the event.

5. Pay invoice remainder

At any point before photo delivery, pay the remainder of the invoice. This needs to be paid before you can receive your photos.

6. Delivery!

Unless you paid for the expedited editing, you’ll be sent photos 2-3 weeks after the event. The online gallery will allow you to share and download the photos.
You also sign off on the project being completed, and I’ll ask for feedback. And that’s it, we’re done!

Event photography

All event photography services include:

  • Password-protected online gallery

  • Downloadable photos in hi-res and web formats

  • Downloadable photos in hi-res and web formats

  • Branding and shot list client worksheet

  • Lifetime usage of photos

  • Five photos in .jpg, straight from the camera, provided at the end of the session for social media use. This is opt-in: you need to fill this info out in your shot list worksheet.

Basic requirements

  • Parking is available and safe. If it’s garage or valet parking, coverage of the cost is provided.
  • Meals: A 30-min meal break for day rates. If meals are served at the event, I should also be provided one.
  • Storage: A safe and secure place to store my bag and equipment.
  • Photo waivers or releases have been given by the attendees. This is usually done when people purchase a ticket for the event.


Pricing is pretty simple and based on the duration of the event. Please contact me if you need custom pricing, such as for overnight retreats or multi-day events.
  • 2 hours: $200/hour for the first two hours. Two hours is also the minimum requirement for photo coverage.
  • $175 per additional hour up to 6 total hours of coverage
  • Day rate (8 hours): 1400 for weekdays, 1600 for weekends

Travel Fees:

  • Extended travel distance within Bay Area:
    • Locations in San Francisco are included in all photo packages
    • Less than 1 hour drive away from zip code 94121: $100
    • 1-1.5 hour drive away: $200
    • 1.5-2 hour drive away: $300
    • 2+ hour drive away: requires overnight accommodations, please email me to discuss


  • Expedited editing (1-week turnaround):
    • Up to 2 hours: $100
    • 2-6 hours: $250
    • Day coverage: $375