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I sat in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, waiting for my delayed plane to enter the gate. Then I received an email alert from Fresh Cup – was I interested in writing for them? Why yes, I happened to be en route to Munich!

I visited Mahlefitz twice during my time there. Both times, I was enthralled by the ambiance, service & hospitality paid to every guest. There is something very special about having table-side service for a coffee shop. It elevates the experience, relaxes the customer & really encourages them to value that cup of coffee.

It was an honor to photograph & interview the people behind Mahlefitz. Coffee people are the same at heart all around the world.


Once inside, natural light pours in easily from the large windows onto blonde wood tables and through a glass partition to the roastery, highlighting clean lines of Nordic-influenced design throughout the space. A comfortable leather-topped bar affords close proximity to a variety of brewing processes.

The back wall is home to a custom, cubic shelving unit seeming to house every brewing accessory under the sun. Centered at a window-filled wall on a small table at chest height, you’ll find the current offerings in trays—both green and roasted—along with information cards. Details punctuate the tranquil, minimalist space. Each table is topped with a short vase holding a single red rose and lit by modern lamps, each connected to a different color of electrical wire.

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He goes on, “To be a place where [we’re] taking care of you, you have to take the service more [seriously]. It just adds an extra quality to the whole experience of it. That’s why we choose the service part. Sit down, feel comfortable. Just enjoy your experience.”

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