My Barista League High Density talk

How to create a cohesive digital communication strategy

Talk description:

Having a cohesive digital communication strategy means that your brand is represented accurately across all the digital platforms that you are on. We’ll go over the importance of having your digital communication strategy documented and how to create your own version. This includes the basics of brand voice, crisis management, and a marketing calendar. View the High Density lineup

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I rarely offer single coaching sessions. This offering is unique for Barista League High Density participants. When you’re filling out the worksheet, you might realize that there’s a lot more for your brand to work on. That’s where I can help.

What you get

  • One-hour paid coaching session on Zoom
  • Review completed worksheet together
  • Address any issues that surfaced during the worksheet exercise and discuss possible solutions
  • Within two business days after the session, you’ll receive call notes and the session recording
  • A 50% deposit and a signed contract are required for booking a meeting


Next steps

Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch! In the meantime, fill out the worksheet to the best of your ability.

Testimonials from past coaching clients

Your help and guidance is very appreciated here. I think talking with you got us all in the same headspace and allowed us to move forward with some concrete goals. We’re all grateful.
From a 20-min brainstorming session
Noble Coyote Coffee
Jenn really helped me optimize the processes and tasks we hired her for, and then she went the extra mile. Her encyclopedic knowledge of social medias and email marketing techniques was a powerful resource, and as a result I feel like our digital strategy is more elegant, more streamlined, and just all around better. I highly recommend her!
Elisabeth Fillmore
Past Communications Assistant, World Coffee Research

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