I’m so excited to work with you!

To help you get started, I’ve assembled this prep guide for you.

Regarding practicing poses or generally feeling more comfortable in your skin, I recommend checking out David Suh’s work on Instagram @davidsuhphoto. We’ll also work on poses together during the shoot, but his advice is solid if you want to get a head start!


An outfit consists of a full look: if you need to go somewhere to change clothes, then that’s an outfit. If you cannot decide on your outfit(s), email me the outfit photo(s), or have a few on hand so we can choose together.

Here are some more tips:

    • Consider the environment you’ll be photographed in and how the outfit will appear against it. You want to avoid blending in with the background.
    • Avoid logos unless the logo is yours.
    • Choose clothing you feel comfortable in. This is not the time to suddenly go punk or monochromatic if that’s not your style.

Outfit ideas

    • Think about your shoot goals: who is your audience and what can you wear to portray yourself well to them?
    • Some people like to have one casual outfit and one “business” outfit (up to you on what business means!)
    • How often you’ll be updating your photos is also important! Trendy clothing will only work for a few years. If you don’t plan on doing another shoot in the next five years, choose clothing that is more classic or vintage. You can always use accessories or layers to create a trendy look for a few photos.
    • Incorporate your brand colors

Layer & accessorize!

Accessories and jackets can give you a new look without you having to change out of anything.

Here’s an example: Start with a base layer, such as a solid tee and fitted pants. Add a jean jacket or moto jacket for a laid-back vibe. Sub in a blazer, and now you’ve got a business casual outfit.

Other layering items to think about: cardigans, sweaters, scarves, hats, bags, belts, and jewelry.


Branding shoots typically take place on-location, which means your home, studio, office, or wherever you work out of. If you’re unsure on a location or want to bounce some ideas off of me, please email me! Your overall shoot time does include travel, so if you want to shoot at a second location, pick one that is close by (within ~10 min of walking).

Another good option is to take photos as we walk to a destination. There are several places in San Francisco that could start in a colorful neighborhood and then end up in a park!

What to consider when choosing a location

  • What kind of photos are you going for? Can they be living room casual, or do you need a desk in it?
  • Number of people around it: Public locations mean having people around while you’re having your photo taken. Look for some more secluded areas if you want to shoot in a public place.

Possible locations

  • Your studio or office space: This could be in your home or at a separate location
  • Nearby park
  • On the coast
  • Forest
  • Neighborhood
  • Urban (taller buildings, downtown areas)
  • A rented space: We can find a space to rent for a few hours on peerspace.com. There are plenty of vibes to choose from.

If we’re in your space:

Take a look around and see if anything needs to be tidied up. It does not need to be “picture perfect.” We want the photos to portray your authentic and creative self. So if that means being surrounded by stacks of books and papers, and you’re comfortable sharing that with the public, that’s great!

Unless they’re part of the shoot, please keep other people and pets out of the area


Props are useful in any branding shoot! Oftentimes, people don’t know what to do with their hands, so I recommend having something like a mug, pen, notebook, or computer nearby. Once you’re feeling comfortable, we can get you into other poses.

  • Necessary items for your work: tech, safety gear
  • Hobby/interest items
  • Something colorful, like a bouquet of flowers
  • Unique mug or ceramic item(s)
  • Items that will help illustrate your shoot goals

Like choosing the outfits, you should do what you’re comfortable with. You can always have your hair, nails, and/or makeup done by a professional. We will be shooting in natural light and not during a bright sun, so there should be no washing out of color.

I love a bold lip, but if you want that in the shoot and aren’t used to it, that will show up in the photos. Instead, I recommend practicing having it on in the time leading up to the shoot.

It’s possible that your hands will get some close-ups during the shoot. Depending on what we’re capturing, keep that in mind as you’re preparing for the shoot. If you’re at a loss, go plain, nude, or your brand colors.