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New Client Initial Consult

All new clients go through a free, 20-min exploratory phone or Skype/Zoom call to ensure best fit for the project.

If you’re looking for marketing coaching, head over here.

Who This is For:

  • You’re interested in working together, but you have multiple ideas or projects in mind
  • You would like both photography and writing services
  • None of these service offerings fit what you’re looking for, but you think I’m still the best person for the job
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Interested in working together?

Get Started

Next Steps

  • Fill out the form & set up a call. You’ll be redirected to the scheduling page.

  • Phone or Skype/Zoom meeting to discuss needs & fit. Initial consults are always free.

  • If all works well for fit, I’ll send over a proposal for you to review & accept.

  • You’ll sign a contract that will keep us both accountable & on task.

  • I’ll send over a client worksheet so I can get to know you even better and tailor recommendations for you.

  • Then the work begins! We’ll talk about the worksheet, how you want to structure your month, whether it’s with recurring calls or something else.

Initial Consult Form

Kind of know what you want to work with me on, but not sure where it’s categorized? This is for you.

If you can’t see the embedded form below, use this link.

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Jenn is a San Francisco-based coffee marketer: digital strategist, writer & photographer. On the side, she munches on donuts & thinks of new ways to make you look stunning online. You can reach her here or on Twitter @thejennchen.

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