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Free 15-min Brainstorming Session

The specialty coffee industry is getting hit really hard on the consuming side with COVID-19 and it’ll sure to growing regions soon, too. Since I’m expecting to take on new coaching clients during this time, I do still want to be able to help and give back to my industry.

For any COVID-19-affected coffee business or organization (whether you are currently open or you’re planning to reopen), I’m offering a 15-min free brainstorming session to help in your marketing efforts. These will be recorded sessions on Zoom video.

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How will this work?

I’m making it as easy as possible:

  1. Fill out the form below or here if you can’t see the embedded form.

  2. When you finish the form, you’ll be taken directly to my calendar where you can pick a time slot.

  3. After the call, you’ll receive a followup email from me within one business day. It’ll include the video recording & any relevant links.

What can we cover?

Basically anything I normally do for coaching clients is fair game as long as you think you can fit it into 15 min.

Any or multiple (max of 3 topics) of the below:

  • Different ways to maintain relevancy with customers
  • Options for marketing while still being respectful
  • Looking over any current copy you are working to release internally or externally
  • Retooling your communication or crisis plan
  • New content
  • Content planning
  • Changing processes or optimizing workflows
  • Anything else you can think of that is related to digital marketing and copywriting
Jenn really helped me optimize the processes and tasks we hired her for, and then she went the extra mile. Her encyclopedic knowledge of social medias and email marketing techniques was a powerful resource, and as a result I feel like our digital strategy is more elegant, more streamlined, and just all around better. I highly recommend her!”
Elisabeth Fillmore
Communications Assistant at World Coffee Research

Consultation Form

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Jenn is a San Francisco-based coffee marketer: digital strategist, writer & photographer. On the side, she munches on donuts & thinks of new ways to make you look stunning online. You can reach her here or on Twitter @thejennchen.

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