I’m going to keep this short because, well, the title probably says it all for you. Trying to work when you know you should but you really, really don’t feel like it has happened to everyone. I’m not talking about being lazy, I’m talking about signs of burnout, depression, and lack of motivation. Since I’ve been dealing with this, I’ll just list some items that have helped me.

Instead of taking a month off like I’d like to (but can’t for, well, financial reasons), I’ve learned some tactics to make sure I’m giving myself space to work but also handle life.

  • Understand your work style: As you progress through your career, you gain some understanding of how you best work. Whether it’s to-do lists or post-it notes scattered across a blank wall, everyone has their preferences. Learn where you fit in and what works for you (here’s a quiz).
  • Prioritize: I don’t work well when there’s a never-ending list. It’s better for me to see five items on a list, knowing that I will complete them all. So out of that never-ending list, I’ll prioritize the most necessary (where due dates absolutely can’t be moved, events, etc.) and do those.
  • Readjust expectations: You complete less when you’re in a burnout. And if you don’t have the energy to work as much as before, it makes sense that you won’t complete as much, either. Don’t be so hard on yourself – change up your expectations of what a “successful” work day looks like.
  • Ask for help & communicate: This goes hand in hand with the above. If your productivity drops, your manager will likely notice. It’s best to communicate, if you’re in a safe and understanding environment, what’s happening so those expectations can be adjusted.

I am absolutely my own biggest critic so all the above is a work in progress. I know this article isn’t exactly related to coffee marketing but if you are in a lull period, it’s good to remember to take care of yourself. Especially since the holiday marketing season is coming up.