Sprout Social: Regular Contributor

Since November 2016, I’ve been a regular contributor to Sprout Social’s business blog. Each topic is different, but they’re all written about social media. Twice a month, I’m assigned a some keywords and a framework for inspiration. Keeping in mind Sprout’s own style, I collate examples, researched statistics, and my own marketing experience to write this article.

The audiences have ranged from a very general one (copywriting hacks) to a niche one (LinkedIn for colleges).


Content marketing works. When timed correctly with SEO keyword targeting, informational blog posts establish you as a legitimate and knowledgeable source.

I’ve written articles that have driven more than 28k new users and reached 2000 new users a month.

The below are just a few of my favorite pieces. All images are by the Sprout Social design team.

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The Complete Guide to Social Media for Restaurants & Bars

I was tasked with writing a piece that would operate as a niche guide for multi-location restaurants and bars.


What is content marketing & why is it important?

An explainer guide on content marketing.


The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing

Meant to be a starter guide for businesses on Facebook, it’s an all-inclusive article on all the basics of marketing on Facebook.


How to Write a Successful Social Media Proposal: Free Template Included

Not exactly a piece that directly sells Sprout’s product, but the audience that this serves is the one that Sprout talks to: social media marketers. And more specifically, this niche of those who submit proposals to potential clients.