I can’t believe this. After two years of not updating this blog, I’ve all of a sudden, in one night, decided to publish three blogs. Three. I must be insane. But I can see the defense for it: personal coffee reflections (this one), Chicago coffee consumers who just want events and without too many opinions (Chicago Coffee Scene), and lastly, the business one (Caffentures).

Two people who don’t know me very well have recently commented on my writing. I suppose I never considered myself a wonderful writer. A decent one, yes. A profound and influential one, no. I participated in NaNoWriMo back in November 2011 and won. For the record, you win by writing 50,000 words of a fictional story. It’s a personal win- you get a sense of accomplishment from it. I haven’t opened it since November, because the only thing I remember from the experience is that I’m really, really bad at fictional, pressure writing. I got to 47,000 words on the last day and felt completely burnt out. Those last 3,000 words were about coffee. I put one gigantic chapter about coffee in the middle of my book.

What I’m trying to say, at 3 am, is that I’d like to improve my writing skills again. I’d like to get back into the creative mindset. And I need an outlet for me to express my opinions, whether or not someone reads them. When word vomits come upon me at 1 am (as I was preparing for bed), I’ll have a place to put them.

So here we go: I’m back in coffee. I’m trying to turn my passion into a profitable business. And it looks like I’m back to having lots of different projects. I wouldn’t have it any other way.