Take chances.

This is a philosophy I’m trying to wholeheartedly embrace, not just for 2015, but for a general life motto.

2014 was a year full of surprises. I believe I achieved beyond my plans in my personal life, work life, and general philosophy of life. And to be honest, most of it was unplanned.

People talk often about having work-life balances. They also talk about doing what you love. I call bullshit on this. The work-life balance is important only if you make it important. Yes, work can overflow into your life and that is completely okay if you’re okay with it. If you’re not, I sure hope you’re setting boundaries.

Doing what you love is too romanticized, in my opinion. I believe in the merits of dreaming big and the importance of pragmatism. Is doing what you love going to make you money? Are you going to find a way to make that money? It’s amazing how money can influence your approach to work. When you enjoy 85-90% of the time you spend on work, then I think that’s pretty damn great. I love what I do – most of the time.

I’ve taken many leaps in the last year. Leaps that have lead me to a new partner, new city, new opportunities.

There are also some items that I became more cognizant of: the definition of feminism. The conversation of perpetuated racism. These are national stories of 2014 that I’m hoping become further developed and recognized. Living in California, I’ve also become more aware of shopping & sourcing local. Plus, environmental issues, because I keep having to clear out my compost every few days before it becomes a stinky mess.

So many to-dos for 2015, I’m just hoping that I’ll get around to them all. It’s five days into the new year and I’ve barely begun to comprehend the “newness” of it.

I’m taking & posting one photo a day this year for a 365 project. Follow along on Instagram.