Fifty-one weeks into my role as a part-time Social Media Manager at Thin Pig Media, I’ve decided to leave.

There are many reasons contributing to my departure, though my first & foremost one is health. In the past few weeks, I’ve been told that I have a nerve-related muscle inflammation in my right forearm. It was incorrectly diagnosed as carpal tunnel. Regardless, the original culprit is the same: poor posture, unconducive setup for home office, non-ergonomic keyboard. I had a shooting, debilitating pain up my arm – which has now led me to twice-weekly physical therapy sessions.

Related to health is mental health. My desire to work at an agency was to find some new experiences with corporate clients, which I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it as fulfilling as I’d hoped & I found myself spending a lot of time switching from one client to another in a mess of mental tanglement.

What’s next?

I am refocusing fully into the industry of specialty coffee in relation to social media management, training, writing & photography. In a few weeks, I’ll be accepting new clients.

For now, I am going to rest the arm by either taking exhausting cardio dance classes or binging my way through Netflix shows. I’ve also found a meditative creative calling in flower arrangement, so that’ll be fun to explore!