I didn’t write the above note, but it does represent my emotional turmoil pretty well. I’ve been refraining from writing here, because I feel like my posts need to be thoroughly thought out, with relative content, and to a defined niche market. That’s what I keep reading about, anyway. But then I realized that there was TOO MUCH information out there and all of it- the contradicting advice, the people who claim to be ‘experts,’ the incredible amount of topics to cover- was stopping me from writing. Screw SEO, relative content, and a targeted audience. I’m currently writing for myself and if someone else wants to read about it, so be it.

So what to write about?

Do I want to make this back into a coffee-only journal where fellow coffee geeks will read it?

Do I want to write about my poor understanding of politics?

Do I want to write about observations in culture and my responses to it?

Branding myself as solely “a coffee lover” is only a partial truth. As a twenty-something, I’m finding myself struggling with identity. I want to write. I want to help people understand personal style a little better. I want to help people make better coffee at home. I want to talk to women and ask how they became who they are in their careers. I want people to understand that tech can really help you out in life, but it can also hinder you sometimes. I want to create a comfortable space in my place for friends to gather and discuss and feed off of each other’s creative energy. I want to help the college student improve their resume.

This blog is unequivocally me. It’s not completely coffee. There are already a number of coffee blogs out there. Perhaps others will learn with me as I grow a business, learn creatively, struggle with marketing, and become very absorbed in the social media world.

For curiosity’s sake- what would you like to read about?