Oh look, it’s the end of another year. A year that really feels like it’s only been three months long. I used to set a word of intention for the year with goals plus a year-end reflection on them. Obviously, 2020 didn’t count as a year. So, here we are for a 2021 recap.

This year, I tried pretty hard to not overwhelm myself with work so I did not actively seek any new clients. But things still happened:

  • Signed on two new coaching clients
  • Wrote and presented a set of private education modules for a client
  • Wrote at least 50 articles, which is really just mind-blowing to me. A handful will be published in 2022.
  • Took a birthday glamping trip and two weekend getaways.
  • Reached a 1000-day streak in Duolingo Spanish
  • Sprained my ankle, which took around four months to heal.
  • Nominated for a Sprudgie in the Best Coffee Writing category
  • Went on Ever’s In Good Taste podcast to talk about corporate apologies. I also did a few other podcast interviews that may or may not come out.
  • I tried out a new-to-me lactose intolerance pill called Dairy Care (a daily dietary supplement that creates & maintains active lactobacillus acidophilus cultures). For the last six months, I’ve had maybe one lactose intolerance reaction (and I love dairy!).
  • Got really into wallpaper and contact paper and revamped my kitchen & bathroom.
  • Helped launch an industry mentorship program with GoFundBean. We completed the beta and are reworking it for 2022.
  • Learned about the existence of low pressure-induced headaches and I am still figuring out how to manage them.

Of the writing I did, these were a few of my favorites:

And that’s the end of the lists. The year wasn’t terrible but then again, I think I did the best I could with what I had.