Four weeks on the search for an open barista position in some of Chicago’s north side’s best shops, I finally landed into a shop.

My interview went something like this:

[Owner] It’s obvious that you have an interest in coffee.

[Me] *twitching from nervousness and the coffee the barista just gave me* Yes, I really want to learn about the retail side of the business. I want to open up my own shop someday, but I want to learn as much about coffee as possible before I do that.

[Owner] The only problem I can see here with this job is that you live in Naperville. Are you planning on moving to the area or communting? It’s a long way to travel for a cafe job.

[Me] I’m completely aware of the commute. I most definitely plan on moving into the area. In fact, I’m looking at apartments this weekend.


Hired and one week/two working days later.

[Me] *commuting and on the way to work* You little f***er! What the f*** are you doing?! You can’t do that, look at the f***ing sign! Thank goodness this is the last day I’ll be commuting.

Note: I honestly do not swear this much. My three days of commuting made me swear more than I have in the previous month totaled.


Obviously, I have my own apartment now. Onto the next post for my first few days of work!