The countdown to SCAA Expo is 7 days and I’m just now getting to posting my photos from Kansas City USBC and USBrC regionals in February. I met some wonderful new people! The coffee community is a fun one and it was nice to go with no real intention except to work and hang out with coffee people!

I’ve never been to Kansas City. It surprised me. It had a Midwestern vibe of nice people, but the rumblings of a larger metropolitan city. There’s a bustling coffee and food scene. I didn’t visit all the cafes on my list, but that only means that there’s more reason to return!


What else happened that week? The Coffeewoman.

An important discussion is starting to be brought to light: gender inequity in coffee. There’s the producer end and the retail/ consuming country end. The Coffeewoman brought together more women in the coffee industry than I’ve seen in one room and started an honest conversation that I won’t forget anytime soon. Watch the full panel below.