The following was drafted about a month ago and I just never got around to publishing it.

I’m not a pro at cuppings and I’ll be the first to say that my palate needs some serious work. But what I do know is the feeling I get when I walk away from the cupping. For the most part, I’ve walked away feeling educated, caffeinated, and with a good impression of the roaster.

I’ve attended cuppings presented by a CEO, sales rep, owner, roaster, and a barista. Locations have included a ballroom, classroom, retail shop, and roasting facility. And circumstances have been formal, QC, or even experimental.

What has really intrigued me is the presentation of the cuppings. Not the actual coffees and the cups, but rather what the presiding professional says. Do they give a history of the company, wax poetic about their coffee, listen respectfully to your opinion or all of the above? My most enjoyable cuppings have been led by professionals who are knowledgeable about their coffee, but aren’t so snobby that they’ll look down their nose at me when I ask a question.


Additionally, it makes me wonder why more cafes haven’t set up their own cuppings or similar workshops. Consumer education should be a top priority at a coffee-centric place and I know that appreciation of the drink would increase if the customers knew more about it. Yes, it would take some time to organize, but think about the bigger picture! Your customers will learn that they’re buying a fantastic product and will encourage others to do the same… and then you’ll get more customers! Shouldn’t be too much of an argument there.