Social Media Week in Chicago is happening next week and I could not be more excited. Last year, I went on a frenzy of talks, presentations, and panels. If you’re unfamiliar with SMW, it’s a week full of anything possibly related to social media and a whole lot of networking. All events are free, just make sure you register for them.

I came away with new friends and armed to the teeth on ideas for marketing. I went to more beginner-level speakers and listened to a lot of personal branding talks. This year, my focus is on content marketing, SEO, and strategy.

  • Be prepared with business cards
  • Know exactly where you’re going every day
  • Bring a phone battery charger, notepad/iPad
  • Know where you’re going to be eating lunch

The below is my schedule. If you’re going to any of the same events, let’s meet up! It’s always nice to see a familiar face in the crowd. I’ve circled the ones I’m most excited about. The first to drop off are the ones that say “maybe” and the mixers (though the game show sounds interesting).

Schedule » Social Media Week


And to get you thinking about social media, I came across this great infographic from InspiredMag on the types of social followers.



Now, I’m going to wind down for a bit before I start a really intensive two weeks.