In full disclosure, I used to work for Groupon. But this could really just apply to any job you feel unfulfilled in. In the end, I left not because of the media’s constant criticism of the company, but because the job was no longer a good fit for me. If you’re looking for articles on reasons to sell your stock or give it bad press, you should probably stop reading now.

If you’re anything like me, you feel unfulfilled in corporate life. Maybe it’s too repetitive or too restraining. Or there’s no room for creative interpretation. For me, mine was never what I envisioned my career to be. My work ethic, combined with my crazy need for perfection, pushed me to be the best in any situation handed to me. It didn’t matter if it was something I thoroughly enjoyed, because it just needed to be done. And I’d do it.

There was an obvious breaking point for me. Too many long days, too many emergencies.. picture what you will. I reached it, made my decision to leave, and didn’t look back. Walking out of the office was one of the single most freeing moments in my life.

What I did not expect was how long it would take me to “find myself” again. Much like a bad relationship, you often stay in a job, because it’s comfortable and familiar. You have dreams of becoming more and being bigger. But they’re only dreams. You lose yourself- the job absorbs you until you feel like your opinions are no longer yours and you have no control over any situations.

After the breakup, you experience small peaks of wonder- that’s a tree? I remember nature. That’s a bar? I remember hanging out with friends. That’s a comedy show? I remember laughing.

Okay, that last paragraph was melodramatic. I lost my social life in exchange for a good chunk of corporate time, but I did learn a lot about myself while working in an office. I learned about tenacity, teamwork, honesty, creativity in solving problems, and dedication. But there were negative moments and it turns out that the logo color and certain words triggered negative reactions in me. It has taken me three months to be semi-comfortable with the color lime green.

I no longer dream about personalization engines and daily deal emails. Instead, I dream about coffee. Coffee has been a constant friend to me for the past five years and it looks like it’s still treating me well.

Let’s hope this doesn’t sour into a bad relationship.