Writing Archive

This is a list of past written works:

// Articles

10.18.16 “The Office Coffee Bars of San Francisco Tech” — Sprudge
07.12.16 Essay — Bossy Like Me

03.29.16 “Upgrade Your Office Coffee” — KaffeBox
02.20.16 “What is a Bloom?” — KaffeBox

11.05.15 “Chapel Hill” — Fresh Cup blog post
08.13.15 “What is Zero Tracking?” — acaia
07.17.15 “Tips & tricks of the acaia lunar production model” — acaia
05.18.15 “Mazarine Coffee” — Fresh Cup blog post
04.02.15 “Announcing: the acaia lunar espresso scale” — acaia
02.26.15 “acaia University: Why are level surfaces important?” — acaia
02.12.15 “acaia University: Temperature” —acaia
01.21.15 “Mahlefitz” — Fresh Cup Magazine

01.22.14 “Good past the last drop: Local shops that serve coffee and the community” — The Urbaness
09.11.13 “Taking a moment to yourself” — Guest post on A Foreign Land


// Interviews

04.15.16 “April KaffeBox: da Matteo Kafferosteri” — KaffeBox
03.10.16 “March KaffeBox: Audun Coffee” — KaffeBox
02.05.16 “February: Kafferostare Per Nordby” — KaffeBox

07.24.15 “5 Questions with Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen, 2015 World Brewers Cup Champion” — acaia
10.15.15 “Customer Feature: Espresso Library” — acaia

04.09.14 “A Chat with Crema on Coffee in Nashville” — Coffee Kind
03.28.14 “Having a Nice Coffee Time with Author Liz Clayton” — Coffee Kind
02.26.14 “The Brown Coffee Company: Telling the Stories of Farmers” — Coffee Kind
01.21.14 “Passion House Coffee Roasters Roast Up a Storm in Chicago” — Coffee Kind
01.08.14 “Behind the Scenes with Barefoot Coffee Roasters” — Coffee Kind

12.09.13 “Kickstarter Highlight: Acaia, the Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale is the Max” — Coffee Kind (interview portion)
11.14.13 “Bow Truss Coffee Roasters Heat Up Chicago” — Coffee Kind
10.29.13 “Bow Truss and Cuvee Coffee Place Baristas at the Regional Competition” — Coffee Kind
07.10.13 “Sip and Read: An interview with Jonathan Ory of Bad Wolf Coffee” — Chicago Coffee Scene
06.18.13 “Sip and Read: Craighton Berman & the Manual Coffeemaker No1” — Chicago Coffee Scene
05.28.13 “Sip and Read: Greg Mayworm of CoffeeNotes” — Chicago Coffee Scene
03.07.13 “Sip and Read: Kevin Sinnott of CoffeeCON” — Chicago Coffee Scene