2016 Recap

This recap is primarily for my own memory (I have a terrible memory). I started off the year with a career plan in mind and it seemed like the plan was just obliterated (in a good way). Despite 2016’s tumultuous political climate and many social injustices, my own business took off and I was able to spend time on projects that challenged me.Read More

Speaking: Sprudge live podcast and Tamper Tantrum

2016 is surely the year of saying yes to all the things that terrify me (terrify in a good way). When you’re off working for yourself, you don’t have an employer to say, “Hey, here’s a logical next step in your career.” Freelancing is a series of successes and failures. It’s a lot of experimenting on what you think is interesting to you and finding out what you’re not so into.Read More

WordPress: thecuriousbean


My previous iteration of a personal blog was hosted on WordPress.com. I used the template “Confit” and modified it to my preferences. Sidebar widgets included menus, photo, social media links, and a follow button.
thecuriousbean wordpress confit