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Word Vomits

I can’t believe this. After two years of not updating this blog, I’ve all of a sudden, in one night, decided to publish three blogs. Three. I must be insane. […]

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I’m reviving this blog. Since my exit from the coffee shop, my new job had taken over my life, spinning away my interests, friends, and general inertia for anything remotely […]

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<2 weeks

In less than two weeks, I will be ending my stint as a barista and returning to “coffee enthusiast” status. Many events have occurred to bring about this difficult decision, […]

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Icy Beans and Bonding

I’m an absolute nerd and so I appreciate gadgets, especially if they’re humorous. Want some fun in your iced coffee? Get one of these from Fred. Gigantic coffee-bean-shaped ice cubes? […]

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